Sunday, July 22, 2012

When to Visit the Medical Clinic Instead of the Hospital

In some situations, a visit to the medical clinic in your community is a faster and easier solution than heading to the hospital for the type of treatment you need. These facilities offer a faster service level to you while still offering the type of care you would expect in most minor situations in a hospital setting. Add to this the fact that you do not need to worry about the higher costs of a hospital and it may seem like heading here makes a better decision than going anywhere else. That's not always the case.
When a Hospital Is Best
There are times when going to the hospital is a good idea. If you have a condition in which you are experiencing life threatening complications or injuries, it is best not to waste time and instead to head right to the hospital for the care you need. Any type of trauma situation in which there is a risk of death is best helped at an emergency room situation. You should not go to your family doctor for these types of urgent needs either. The hospital setting will have the necessary tools and professionals to help to save your life.
When Other Locations Work
In other situations, a medical clinic may be a good idea for you. These facilities can provide you with fast service but they also handle many of the needs you have. Here are some examples of when it is a good idea to go here rather than to any of the area hospitals.
• You have a cold or other illness that is making you feel bad but you do not believe it is life threatening or urgent.
• You need a physical to turn in for sports or for work-related needs and you do not want to wait for your local doctor.
• You need to get a minor injury taken care of and you want to make sure it is done sooner rather than later.
• If you need to have blood work or other lab tests run, some of these facilities can help to make that possible.
• You may be able to have broken bones set in these areas, too.
• If you need medical advice but do not want to wait for a doctor's appointment and it is not urgent for a hospital, these facilities have licensed professionals on staff to help you.
A medical clinic is a good idea in many situations. Do not worry about going to the hospital for non-life threatening conditions when you can get help from a professional at a medical facility instead.

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