Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Great Opportunity to Improve Your Appearance and Relax Your Body

If you have always wanted to visit a spa but never thought you could afford it, with some spas offering discount and reduced prices, you really cannot afford not to visit one. If you or a family member is involved in any type of sport where you have experienced injuries, pains, and chronic aches, a sports/medical massage offered at one of these facilities can help you heal faster and promotes improved sports performance. This type of massage is also a great way to prevent injuries with the use of several types of massage techniques and stretches. This type of massage can also be used by and individual immediately following a strenuous exercise session.
You may also receive a massage designed to relieve you of specific tension points in the lower back, shoulder, and neck regions. A massage therapist performs a deep tissue massage by applying a firm pressure to relieve pain, muscle adhesions, and loosen up tissue in the deep-rooted knots. This procedure will eliminate your body kinks, one by one, at specific trigger points. There are additional massage therapy treatments offered at a day spa where most are beneficial in relieving muscle tension, lowering heart rate, improving mobility, regulating blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and much more.
Not only are there treatments for the body at a day spa, but there are also treatments for the face. The laser acne treatments are FDA approved for the treatment of controlling acne. This procedure uses an intense pulse light that is painless combined with a vacuum for deep pore purification. The acne laser treatment purifies your skin from the inside out by eliminating bacteria, blackheads, oil and dirt from deep beneath your skins' surface. The light on the laser destroys your acne causing bacteria to help reduce your oil production, skin discoloration, and even improves the texture of your skin. You will have no down time with this safe procedure is safe and it is fast enough that it can be performed during your lunchtime break. Additional treatments you may be able to receive at a day spa include:
• Micropeels
• Microdermabrasion treatments
• Specialty facials
• Permanent makeup
• Laser Vascular therapy
• and much more
If you are interested in visiting a spa to get a thorough massage, or you want acne treatments, skin rejuvenation treatment and more, call and schedule a consult with one of the professionals. If you need a skin treatment, the professionals at the spa can start you off with a skin analysis to find out the condition of your skin. Whatever your desires and needs are from a day spa, it is a great place to relieve the stress of the day and enhance your appearance at the same time.

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